PetroCem 2004

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On April 18-20, the journal «Cement and its Application» held the third international conference PetroСem. Like the previous ones, it was held in one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg - Astoria. The conference acquired its traditions and its regular participants, whose circle is constantly expanding. If 170 people took part in PetroСem-2000, 230 in PetroСem-2002, then there were more than 300 participants from PetroСem-2004 from 31 countries representing 180 companies and organizations.

The conference was attended by representatives of most cement plants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, cement producers from Armenia, Hungary, Georgia, Iran, Latvia, the UAE, Poland, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Estonia. The Gosstroy of Russia, the Cement Association of Russia and Ukraine, the Administration of St. Petersburg, the largest Russian and international cement holdings – Eurocement, Inteko, Volga-Cement, Vostokcement, Dyckerhoff, Lafarge, Heidelberg, CRH, and others were represented. Among the participants there were many consumer companies cement manufacturers, cement equipment manufacturers and service and material suppliers were especially widely represented. This provided great opportunities for fruitful contacts, and some companies timed the negotiations in advance to the time of their participation in the conference.

The conference program included 41 messages on a variety of topics. A large group of reports was devoted to the situation in the cement industry in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as an assessment of the possibilities of financing the cement industry in the opinion of investment banks. The subjects of communications of equipment and materials suppliers covered the current state of technical capabilities of almost all stages of cement production and ways to achieve resource saving, environmental protection, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. The related areas — concrete, cement-fiber products, lime and gypsum — were deeply affected.

Perhaps no less interesting than the reports was an extensive exhibition (40 stands), where one could get acquainted with product samples and brochures, get expert advice, and discuss the details. It was the exhibition that contributed to such good opportunities for participants to contact.